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Rest in peace David Rochelle, you kind and beautiful soul. Thank you for everything you did for Railcam, for always making me feel welcome in chat and all of your kind words and conversations over the years. I’ll miss you.

Hey everyone, how are you all?

Just thought I’d share some photos from last Saturday (22.02.20) when I visited the annual Model Rail Scotland show at the SECC in Glasgow. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get there as early the other attendees from Railcam so I never really got to see them all much or go to lunch with everybody. Maybe next time eh.

Still, I enjoyed the show immensely. There wasn’t, dare I say it, any massively spectacular layouts this year…by that I mean the likes of the Forth Bridge, Liverpool Lime Street and Burntisland ones from a couple of years ago. Now that is going to sound a little disrespectful to those that were there this year, but if you know me…I don’t like to speak ill of anything, so I will immediately say that the layouts this year were fantastic. A great variety as always, from the smallest and compact (in size and gauge)….

Just how damn smart is that!! Love the name too.

To the largest and grandest and ultra detailed….

And alongside the guitar layout, this next one is one of my favourites….

It’s one of the things I love about modelling and model railways, you can keep things simple if you like, make things from scratch out of any materials and have it all as basic as you like, or make kits…or be as ultra detailed, realistic, massive,…but at the end of the day it’s a model railway and a part of you (see below for that point in a little emphasis ). You invest so much in them because it’s something you love and there’s nothing better than that. Whether it’s a reproduction of a particular place, or based on, or a fictional setting, it’s your little part of the world.

These three photos are of the splendid ‘Spirit of Shap’ layout. It kind of incorporates everything in to one. It is both simple but detailed, and also one the very few non-sound exhibits around these days (in my uneducated opinion! I’m not an exhibition expert, so don’t shoot me). To keep viewers interested and entertained in such a layout these days requires variety, and some of these guys certainly have that….

A pretty pennies’ worth of stock there!

Of course it’s not just all about the layouts. This show features many trade stands, again from the ‘smallest’ to the ‘biggest’ of companies. This side of the show is just as fascinating to me. It shows just how much can go in to this hobby of hours. Next time I will make a point of photographing this side of a show because it’s the unmentioned aspect unless you’re planning to buy anything. Everything from fishplates to locos costing several hundred pounds, it really is something to behold, especially as ultra realism seems to be a big thing these days, the amount of products on offer is staggering.

I went around the hall 2 and a half times on Saturday. The last one to take some photos with the camera, but the others to allow myself the time to enjoy it all. It might just be me, but I like to spend a lot of time at each exhibit for two reasons….one is to take everything in about each layout and enjoy them, and two is to give the guys who create these works of art the time and respect they deserve. To let them know that their work is worth more than a glance and walk past. That their ideas are/were interesting and implemented brilliantly. And I can hand on heart say that I make a point of saying thank you to at least one member of the team or the person who has built their layout.

And that’s it really. Just thought I’d share some of my experience at this years’ show. Am I allowed to say that I enjoyed the journey in the vintage bus to the station? haha! I shall leave you with one or two personal shots from the trip…just because it’s trains!!

Thank you as always for your time, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! It means so much to this wee eejit. Take care everyone!

Steven (Cheggs1978)

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