Full train service expected at Sheffield railway station tomorrow

Network Rail has confirmed that a full train service is expected to run at Sheffield railway station tomorrow following six days of changes due to a derailed freight train.

Since Wednesday, 11 November, there has been a reduced service in and out of Sheffield railway station to allow recovery and repair work to take place.

Since the incident, Network Rail teams have been on site 24/7 and have worked round the clock to remove 11 derailed wagons from the tracks, as well as carry out significant repairs to track and signalling equipment which was damaged in the incident.

Network Rail teams made good progress over the weekend, with all of the derailed carriages now removed. Final repairs to the tracks and signalling equipment is ongoing, with this work expected to complete early tomorrow morning, meaning a full train service is planned.

Matt Rice, Route Director for Network Rail’s North and East Route, said: “We’d like to thank everybody for their patience whilst we’ve worked to clear the area and carry out repairs to enable a full service to resume once more.

“Fewer people are travelling on the railway because of the four-week lockdown, however, we know that people do still need to make essential journeys and this incident has impacted on them.

“We’re very grateful for their patience during this time and we’re glad that from tomorrow, a full train service is planned and you’ll be able to travel as normal once more.”

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