Railcam arrives at Newark

We are delighted to announce our second camera launch in just over a week! Hot on the heels of Crewe Camera 5, we can unveil our latest camera at Newark, on the East Coast Mainline, just south of Newark North Gate station.

This camera is a PTZ model which gives us the opportunity of views in both the north and south directions, where we expect to see ECML express passenger workings from LNER, Grand Central and Hull Trains, along with various freight workings.

We hope for a little better weather on launch day!

Railcam would like to extend a huge thank you to our very generous hosts for allowing us to bring this wonderful view to our members, and for their enthusiasm right from the initial contact. As ever we also wish to thank our install team, headed up by AndyJ, for tracking up to Newark and doing a cracking job, along with GWSimon for the initial site visit and survey.

Railcam Newark will spend a period of time featured on our YouTube channel at the link below, before reverting to a ‘Supporter Only’ camera after the preview period ends.


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