LNER HST Farewell

Details have today begun to appear concerning the expected LNER tribute to the HST.

An earlier tweet from Tim Dunn has got the ball rolling with LNER stating they will provide further information in the coming days to confirm final details.

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It is believed that 43302. the World record holder for the fastest diesel locomotive, along with a set of 7 MK3 coaches and a second power car will be repainted, not vinyled, into original BR HST colours for the special charity journeys.

© @MrTimDunn

The charity journeys are expected to be –

18 Dec: Edinburgh to Aberdeen

19 Dec: Aberdeen to Newcastle via Inverness

20 Dec: Newcastle to Leeds via York

21 Dec: Leeds to Kings Cross

The charities to benefit are believed to be,

The Samaritans


The CALM Zone


We are awaiting confirmation from LNER on the final details, but it appears the cat is well and truly out of the bag!

Heritage Painting (http://www.heritage-painting.com) will take care of the Powercars, and they couldn’t be in better hands, judging by their recent work with the 125 Group on their fleet of MK3s.

The MK3 coaching stock is believed to be being taken care of at Craigentinny Depot.

Interest in this final HST fling is likely to be off the scale, we recommend keeping a close eye on LNER social media accounts in the coming days if you want to be part of this fond farewell.

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