#HSTFarewell has finally arrived….

Sunday 15th December saw the final day of frontline services operated by the beloved HST’s for London North Eastern Railway on the East Coast Mainline. Dubbed #NationalHSTDay we waved goodbye to the final 3 HST sets, with power cars 43316 & 238, 43317 & 290 and 43318 & 257 all in action, covering Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Leeds, Harrogate and London Kings Cross, and all stations in-between!

#NationalHSTDay as captured by Railcam cameras.

Now the attention moves on to the #HSTFarewell tour, which will cover the vast majority of the London North Eastern Railway network, over 4 breathtaking days.

To mark this celebration of the East Coast workhorse, LNER have partnered with Heritage Painting and Wabtec UK to produce a retro #InterCity125 blue/grey liveried HST set, which will form the stock for ‘Let’s Go Round Again – Our last Inter-City 125’ charter.

As you can see from the image below, released by Heritage Painting, who were responsible for the power car repaints, the set looks absolutely stunning. The MK3 coaching stock has also been expertly repainted by the Wabtec UK team at Doncaster.

© Heritage Painting

Social Media is likely to be awash with coverage, and we will be doing our bit on the final two days, with Railcam admin team members joining the train for The Northumbrian (Edinburgh to Leeds via York) and The West Riding Limited (Leeds to London Kings Cross). Full schedules and booked Railcam cameras pass times can be found at the bottom of this article. Our aim being to bring you live photos and videos, as well as the possibility of one or two interviews thrown in for good measure.

Our very good friend Mr Tim Dunn will be on board for the duration, and if you want to keep up with everything #HSTFarewell and #InterCity125 across the 4 days, then you will need to be giving him a follow on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MrTimDunn or search Twitter for @MrTimDunn

© @MrTimDunn via Twitter

As always, we would love to see your photos and videos over the 4 days, simply tag us in your Twitter posts (@railcamlive) and include the hashtag #HSTFarewell and we will like and share them all. On Sunday we attempted to ‘Paint Twitter red & white’, now lets paint it #InterCity125 blue and grey!

On to those all important times…….

Wednesday 18th December – THE NORTHERN LIGHTS

1Z43 Edinburgh to Inverness via Aberdeen


Thursday 19th December – THE HIGHLAND CHIEFTAIN

1Z46 Inverness to Edinburgh via Highland Mainline


Friday 20th December – THE NORTHUMBRIAN

1Z48 Edinburgh to Leeds via York


Cramlington Cameras – 12:19

York North Cameras – 14:18

York ROC Camera 1 – 14:25

York South Cameras – 14:54

Doncaster Camera – 15:14

Saturday 21st December – THE WEST RIDING LIMITED

1Z43 Leeds to London Kings Cross


Doncaster Camera – 11:41

Peterborough Camera – 13:21

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