Railcam and the COVID-19 crisis

The COVID 19 Coronavirus crisis will present some challenges to Railcam UK. We plan to continue running the website as normal, but with the some restrictions.

The following will be halted until the crisis has passed and Government advice makes such activities possible again :

  • Development of new camera sites – with over a dozen sites in various stages of development, this is particularly disappointing.
  • Upgrades  to cameras
  • Repairs to existing cameras. This means that if cameras go off-line, they may stay that way for a prolonged period.
  • The same applies to our diagrams and data services. 

With so many people working from home and/or self-isolating, we expect that certain parts of the Internet infrastructure, as well as our own systems, may come under unprecedented strain. It’s possible that this may affect our ability to stream everything at the same quality as normal. 

These are exceptional circumstances and we hope that you’ll bear with us if things don’t run as smoothly as usual. In the meantime, we hope that Railcam will provide a welcome diversion, as so many of us find ourselves having to stay at home.

No guarantees can be made, but we will do our level best to keep it all running.

We hope that our Railcam family all stay safe and well through this difficult time.

21 thoughts on “Railcam and the COVID-19 crisis”

  1. No problem 👍 Keep up the good work what will be will be we are all in the same boat 😎 Roll on 2021

  2. To be expected, a great attitude to adopt. Hopefully the network resilience is robust enough to minimise failures. Stay safe all.

  3. Quite right! Mind you I’d really hope our fellow subscribers didn’t actually need telling. It should be obvious.

  4. Not a problem at all. I’m sure people using Railcam, will understand what with everything going on. Stay safe everyone.

  5. Just to say stay safe one and all and hope everyone comes through I all right.

    Truly unprecedented and slightly un-nerving times.

    Keep Smiling


  6. Just imagine if this pandemi would have been BEFORE railcam.uk?
    How horrible a situation, with absolutely NOTHING to do from
    one´s quarantine!

  7. Well done Railcam guys, lets not forget behind the scenes its you people that are bringing it to us all and its gratefully received. We are all in this together and the sooner the wider population realises it the sooner it will be over. Stay safe, stay warm. Look after family.

  8. Hello Railcam team,

    Fully understand the restrictions we are all working under, and the measures you need to take to stay safe. Even a diminished Railcam is a privilege to have , along with the chat and banter that helps keep up our spirits when stuck at home.

    Look after yourselves and your families at this time.

  9. This is a no-brainer, you have to keep safe.
    For a short time [hopefully] this is not an issue. You can only do what you can without putting yourselves in harm’s way, and I for one wouldn’t want to risk anything like that for you.
    See you on the “other side”.

  10. Fully understand. A suitable opportunity to thank you for all you do to provide us with such a wonderful and entertaining service. So, thank you, and keep safe.

  11. Keep up the great work – so good to still be able to view the cams we are familiar with. Stay safe.

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