York South Cameras – Sadly we have to say goodbye….

Sadly, due to changed circumstanced, our York South host can no longer accommodate our cameras. The precise time is in the hands of BT, but they will be switched-off in the coming days.

We are already in advanced discussions with a potential new host in the South York area, but for now, we are throwing both cameras open to all viewers, on Railcam and on YouTube.

These cameras have bought some fantastic entertainment in the time they have been online, Hopefully we can enjoy them for a few more days….Enjoy!

York South (Holgate Jn) Camera 1
York South (Holgate Jn) Camera 2

24 thoughts on “York South Cameras – Sadly we have to say goodbye….”

  1. This is very sad, as the camera not only covers the mainlines south of York, but also the York Model Engineers site, and it has been interesting to watch when they hold running days. I can recognise the odd person and the occasional locomotive, as I do go there fairly often and know a lot of the members there.

  2. Sorry to hear this as York South was an enjoyable cam to view trains heading North and South. Hope to see it return again in the near future to the list of live cams offered by Railcam Uk for a value for money yearly subscription of £20.

  3. Yes, I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say how much we have enjoyed the York South cams, for me the highlight has been the number of steam specials captured over the weeks up to the covid restrictions. As always, greatly appreciative of all of Railcam hosts who provide space in their gardens or balconies to offer us all a great view of what’s going on.

  4. So sad to see these cams go they will be missed by everyone just hope that we can get another host in this area in the future.

  5. Would it be possible to speak to the Model Engineers ‘across the road’ to see if they could host one?

  6. will miss cameras – perfect for seeing and recording sightings especially 91s and 68s etc

  7. Big shame that the cameras are closing down , these are one of my personal favourites, fingers crossed that they end up and running again in the future

  8. I also want to join in and say THANK YOU for those two CAMs and how much enjoyment they gave all rail fans. Hope a replacement can be found but in any case, I’m sure I write for all of us and say how much we appreciated the daily views and activities south of York.

  9. This is such bad news. These are my most watched cameras along with Dawlish and the best for catching the TPE 68s and 802s. They will be missed by a great number of members I should imagine. To whoever has been running them, a big thank you, you have provided me with hours of entertainment before and during lockdown.

  10. Can I join in thanking the South York Cam Host for providing some great viewing for us over the past couple of years. We will miss this great service. Stay Safe everyone

  11. I, and my son, also would like to thank the Host for providing their availability.

  12. I too would like to express my deep appreciation and thanks to the star who has so kindly hosted these cameras, you are a most kind and generous person and I wish you the very best of luck for the future.
    Stay safe.

  13. New to this game ? And main interest is freight so station camera at York not much use.I will miss these after only one week

  14. Shame these camera’s are closing down, I loved watching these for freights, etc. Maybe Sidings hotel please?

  15. These are 2 of the best Cameras to watch trains when everything is coming at you. Plenty of variety of freight as well and i am a trainspotter since 1978. Lets hope they are on when charter trains comes along on saturdays or at any time of the daytme. it is not going to same without those 2 cameras as i can make out the numbers on the freight as well.

    hope to see them on in the near future

  16. Have really enjoyed the York South Cameras, A big thank you to the hosts and let’s hope they can be live again in the area. Stay safe everyone keep enjoying these facilities on line, Thank you to the Railcam team.

  17. Is it possible to have cameras at Carlisle station. Who do rail cam approach to host cameras is it private properties etc. May be daft questions but I don’t know how the system works. May I say you do a brilliant .

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