Isle of Wight Camera update….

Most of you will be aware of our recent ‘pop-up’ camera on the Isle of Wight, overlooking Ryde Esplanade, Ryde Pier and the hovercraft landing area, if you missed it you can view some of the footage below….

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This temporary camera, streamed via iPad from our teams hotel room window, was a huge success with upwards of 500 viewers at once logging in to our YouTube stream to see the famous Island Line stock, hovercraft, shipping and bus action.

Since that visit our admin team have been in discussions with the hotel, and we are delighted to reveal those discussion have been very positive and we plan to visit the site again in the next couple of weeks to survey for a possible permanent camera.

We would like to thank the team at the Royal Esplanade Hotel for a wonderful stay. Find out more at

18 thoughts on “Isle of Wight Camera update….”

  1. Brilliant work done by the admin team. I watched this pop up cam most of last weekend was great watching all the transport links work together.

  2. Excellent! Away’s had a soft spot for the Isle of Wight. Look forward to seeing another new camera. Shame the Isle of Wight Steam Railway Cams aren’t on Railcam website too.

  3. Thank you Railcam for putting this pop up cam last weekend I really enjoyed watching the hovercraft and other links.

  4. Great news, fantastic location for a cam. Good advert for the hotal as well, wouldn’t mind staying there when I’m next on the Isle !

  5. Once again well done its a great site. How about visiting every rail hotel in Scotland ha ha. Regards


  6. Thank you team for a brilliant live feed of the hovercraft terminal.
    As a “Southerner” who now lives in the North of England, it was good to see views of The Solent again.
    Once again, you have come up with the goods. Looking forward to the permanent camera.
    Well done and thank you again.

  7. Wow! Isle of Wight camera what a great idea, I enjoyed watching the Buses, Hovercraft & the ferries, oh and of course the trains. I love the Isle of Wight.

  8. Great news I did enjoy the camera view across the Solent, and i went on the first hovercraft from Portsmouth to Ryde in the early 1970s happy memory’s

  9. Is there any more news yet on this webcam being reinstated, it’s been a while (Ryde esplanade and pier overlooking the hovercraft)

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