Railcam to celebrate Midland Mainline HSTs with #HSTonMML


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Who doesn’t love a HST? No, I didn’t think there would be many hands raised to that question. Well, this Saturday, 3rd October, Railcam will be celebrating the iconic High Speed Train. We plan to head out to the Midland Mainline, between Leicester and Derby/Nottingham to feature a number of live streams of these famous beasts in action via our YouTube channel.

We also plan to feature live photos across our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, but we need your help! Throughout the day we would like to see your own historical photos of HSTs working on the Midland Mainline, alongside the hashtag #HSTonMML.

Along with the hashtag, we would also ask that you tag Railcam, East Midlands Railway and We are EMR across any of the platforms you choose to post to. We will like and share as many as we can throughout the day.

That’s it, it’s that simple……

Despite the wet forecast, we still plan to head out and cover as much as we possibly can. With that in mind, here are the scheduled* HST workings for Saturday 3rd October (* Subject to change)

SET 1 – 5B23, 1B23, 1D28, 1B48, 1D53, 1B73, 1F77, 5F77.

SET 2 – 5B28, 1B28, 1D33, 1B53, 1D58, 1B78, 1D81, 5D81.

SET 3 – 5D13, 1D13, 1B33, 1D38, 1B58, 1D63, 5D63.

SET 4 – 5B13, 1B13, 1D18, 1B38, 1D43, 1B63, 1D68, 5D68.

SET 5 – 5B18, 1B18, 1D23, 1B43, 1D48, 1B68, 1F70, 5F70.

You will be able to track the movements of all of these services on the day by using our RC Data tab on the Railcam website. Type the headcode in the appropriate search box. Allocations can also be added, along with set and coach information.

Note. We are not encouraging gatherings of enthusiasts and we urge that social distancing measures are still followed, when travelling and on stations.

One thought on “Railcam to celebrate Midland Mainline HSTs with #HSTonMML”

  1. Saturday 3rd October EMR allocations

    NL081 NL12 43238/295 (blue set / red power cars)
    1D13 0834 St Pancras – Nottingham
    1B33 1045 Nottingham – St Pancras
    1D38 1334 St Pancras – Nottingham
    1B58 1545 Nottingham – St Pancras
    1D63 1834 St Pancras – Leeds via Notts

    NL082 NL51 43251/317 (full red set)
    1B13 0640 Nottingham-St Pancras
    1D18 0934 St Pancras-Nottingham
    1B38 1145 Nottingham- St Pancras
    1D43 1434 St Pancras-Nottingham
    1B63 1645 Nottingham-St Pancras
    1D68 1934 St Pancras – Nottingham

    NL083 NL11 43305/314 (blue set with red buffet / red power cars)
    1B18 0745 Nottingham-St Pancras
    1D23 1034 St Pancras – Nottingham
    1B43 1245 Nottingham-St Pancras
    1D48 1534 St Pancras-Nottingham
    1B68 1745 Nottingham-St Pancras
    1F70 2001 St Pancras-Leeds

    NL084 NL04 43316/318 (blue set / red power cars)
    1B23 0634 Leeds-St Pancras via Notts
    1D28 1134 St Pancras-Nottingham
    1B48 1345 Nottingham-St Pancras
    1D53 1634 St Pancras-Nottingham
    1B73 1845 Nottingham-St Pancras
    1F77 2130 St Pancras-Derby

    NL085 NL10 43310/320 (blue set / red power cars)
    1B28 0740 Leeds-St Pancras via Notts
    1D33 1234 St Pancras-Nottingham
    1B53 1445 Nottingham-St Pancras
    1D58 1734 St Pancras-Nottingham
    1B78 1945 Nottingham-St Pancras
    1D81 2200 St Pancras-Nottingham

    No VP185s out

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