Are you getting the most out of your Railcam subscription….?

We have seen comments many times in the past from Railcam members and subscribers saying ‘Oh, I didn’t realise I could do that’ or ‘I didn’t realise that was a feature on Railcam’. So we have put together our first 3 tutorial videos to explain a few of the options you may not realise are available to you…

Firstly we look at Registration, Login and Subscriptions….

Secondly we explain all about the cameras and chatroom options….

And finally we look into the often daunting Diagrams and Schedules…. (It’s a lot easier than you think!)

Are there any other parts of the Railcam site you would like explaining in more detail? Drop a comment below and we will see what we can do.

28 thoughts on “Are you getting the most out of your Railcam subscription….?”

  1. I know it’s not your fault but there far too many cams that are down at the moment due to the covid situation. None of us really know when restrictions will be lifted so therefore subscribers like me are not getting a near enough value for money experience for to cam availability. Loved the S&D cams as an example but they have been hopeless of late. Similarly a few heritage cams have bit the dust.
    I fear the situation could get worse the longer the covid goes on as essential maintenance doesn’t seem as though it will get back to normal anytime soon.

    1. As you say, the Covid situation hasn’t been our friend of late. Initially we managed to get through and supply a welcome break from the distractions of the entire situation, but the risk as always there that is something broke, we wouldn’t be able to go and fix it. I will try and break down each individual location if I can, and explain the situation.

      Dagenham has been removed from the site due to the owner moving.
      Slough, the office owner has moved to a new office 100 yard away which requires us to go and move the cameras. We will take this opportunity to upgrade the cameras and connection there.
      Ryde, the mobile provider there has had a massive outage in the recent days, this has been resolved, but due to the hotel being closed we are finding it difficult to get someone to access the cameras and reboot the equipment, but this should be a quick fix once access is granted.
      Ribblehead Viaduct, and Preston both has ‘fogged lenses’ which we have found to be an issue with the model of camera after roughly 4 years of use. These will be replaced as soon as we can gain access in accordance with Covid restrictions.
      Horton has been a long suffered from a poor internet connection, which sadly has declined to a state where the connection can barely keep the stream live. We are assured steps are being taken to improve this, but that is currently out of our hands.
      Teignmouth has a conflict of wireless equipment, an issue we believe to have identified and will be sending replacement equipment down very shortly.

      Of those cameras only Preston, Slough (2) and Teignmouth (1) are supporter cameras, the rest are all free to view.

      With regards to heritage, all the downed cameras are at the choice of the railways themselves, to save costs during a time where they are getting no income. Again, those were all free to view cameras.

      We are as frustrated as you when it comes to cameras being offline, but we are ready and prepared to get to each site as soon as we legally can.

      In the meantime, we have a number of new locations which are being installed by hosts, so our team don’t have to visit sites, and these should be going live very soon.

      Thank you for your continued support.

      1. On a more official point, we have covered this in out T&C….

        30th March 2020 – COVID19 outbreak addendum :

        The above restrictions take on special significance as a result of the Government-imposed restrictions on social contact, which mean that Railcam UK and our partner organisations / suppliers, may not be able to provide the level of service which could be expected under normal circumstances.

        Railcam UK Ltd will continue to follow Government advice for the duration of the COVID19 outbreak.

      2. Thanks for putting me right with regards to the heritage cams being offline ie Corfe etc due to cost cutting. Tough time for all I know so i doubt this will affect my continued financial support. Thanks for taking time out to answer my concerns. Best wishes.

        1. Absolutely no problem Phil. Its extremely frustrating as we have a stack of new locations (Some real big partnerships) to install and upgrades to do, but Covid is just holding us up. Thankfully we have a couple of hosts that are able to self install so those locations can go ahead, and should be coming online very soon. Thank you for your continued support, its greatly appreciated by us all here at Railcam.

      3. Hello Do we know why the Dymchurch Camera is no longer available on here plus I notice that the Hythe Camera went down a few weeks ago as well on the RHDR. Do we know why these cameras are not working. Miss hearing the Seagulls during the day!!!! i hope these will be sorted once the restrictions lift. Many Thanks.

  2. even if some cams are down its still value for the money to be able to watch the trains while stuck in lock down has been a great bonus for me thank you .

  3. Good to see another camera coming live. Are there any plans for any in Wales? Apart from the Heritage cameras Wales is the only part of he UK you haven’t got coverage.

    1. Railcam is always on the look out for new locations.

      If you know of a suitable location (usually someone who lives or works near the line so the camera can be hosted at their location) let the team at Railcam know and they will look into getting things in place when they can.

      This is how I was able to help with the Newbury Camera back in 2017 which I’m still involved with.

      I was lucky that they managed to install 2 cameras in the same day as locations were close to each other, so the wait was not too long, with Covid etc it will take much longer to sort any new locations.

      If you know of a suitable location let the team know and they will start planning for it i’m sure, but it takes time, effort and also money to provide a camera for a new location, so the sooner they know the better they can plan future installs/upgrades. (especially as covid restrictions are lifted, there maybe a ‘peak’ of upgrades/installs as circumstances permit)

      Some of the ‘old’ cameras taken out can be repurposed at ‘new’ locations, depending on the circumstances etc.

      It’s always worth suggesting a location, some work out, some don’t.

    2. Wales would definitely be an awesome addition – that’s a great question/suggestion! Perhaps a location on the North Wales coast and maybe Chester (not in Wales I know but would be awesome none-the-less!) and of course Cardiff Central would be good too.

      1. If you have a potential host overlooking those locations then we will always look into them. Wales and Scotland are locations we are always looking to expand in.

  4. I was a member awhile back but when I tried to renew I couldn’t log in I live in Queensland and you did give me some help but all suggestions failed I have missed the cams and I am now going to try and register again Fingers crossed

  5. Hi keep up the good work,got into watching American loco’s on international cam’s pity cant do
    track diagrams or headcodes,snow doesnt stop there trains unless its 2 foot deep

  6. Hi Guys,

    Is there an easy way to follow a head code and list the times for when it will pass a camera?
    I usually have to do a bit of work to locate all the diagrams myself to see if a camera is on that part of the route.

    1. There is an option to follow a headcode, and the diagram will stay with that headcode as it works its way along its journey, but that is obviously not going to give you information about future cam passes. The follow headcode option is available from the top of any of the main diagram pages (top right) and the details for the headcode you want to follow will appear bottom right.

  7. As a comment about camera icons on schedules.
    I notice Morecambe South Jn. but no camera at that site (yet?)

  8. Hello all, this is me catching up with RC after surgery last year.

    I read with interest your comments, all valid points, people are paying for RC and expect a good service and back up.
    I would just like to gently remind people that RC was concieved, designed, built.. and now operated.. by people who are volunteers, they all have other ‘day jobs’ and as such RC is in very skilled hands.

    These guys are giving up their free time to keep RC operating so please be a little tolerant of some glitches in the system.
    A system which if I may say is very close to the systems used by BR and the successive companies who now run the railway day to day.
    I’m an Ex-railwayman, I retired about 10 years ago, I have contacted ‘The Management’ and made suggestions to amend (improve?) RC.. a couple have been adopted and made to work by the very clever guys behind the scenes .
    As I always say to ‘The Management’ team.. well done guys, great work.. it is appreciated here.

    I am really looking forwards to Covid crawling back under it’s stone, allowing us to enjoy life again and RC to further improve.. and repair.. our view on the countrys railways .
    Until that happens please be tolerant the technical guys are doing their best !

    Thanks for reading, stay safe, stay healthy, best wishes to all.

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