Railcam Data allocations, an update…..

Why does my name no longer appear against an allocation in RCData?

Sadly, some people seem to treat RCData as some sort of competition as to who can add the most number of allocation (often leading to people guessing based on what ‘my mate said’, where a loco was last reported, services it usually runs etc….). We’ve had numerous cases of people removing then re-adding identical information under their own name, which in turn seems to upset people whose names are replaced. Likewise, the Notes section seems to be treated by a minority, as a sort of chatroom, flooding it with discussion rather than clear, concise information. That’s not what the Notes section is for – we have a chatroom for that!

RCData is all about information. The only thing that matters is that the information is reliable – really, there is no need to know who added it. Username information is still added in the background and is available to the Admin team in case of dispute or misuse.

We are saddened to have to take this line of action, but we have been left with no option as the number of complaints are stacking up and as a small admin team, we have better things to be dealing with.

Railcam Senior Admin Team

3 thoughts on “Railcam Data allocations, an update…..”

  1. Positive decision taken. Far too many supporters have suffered having their information interfered with.

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