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We are sorry to have to announce that the Glenfinnan camera will not be returning. Shortly after it went live, it became clear that there had been a misunderstanding between our camera host and the owners of the Glenfinnan Estate, and that the latter would not allow the camera to continue broadcasting. Attempts to negotiate a return of the live stream have unfortunately come to nothing. We would like to thank Ali at Locheilnet for his help, and hope that we can work with him on alternative projects.

We also have to announce that our Slough host will no longer have a lineside property for us, so our hopes that the Slough cams would quickly return, have been dashed. We would like to thank David Jobson at Jarshire Ltd, for hosting the popular cameras over the past few years.

We are hugely disappointed to lose both of these sites, but we are actively looking for alternatives in both areas and hope to have some more positive news soon.

36 thoughts on “Railcam Announcement”

    1. There is an intermittent fault on the broadband line that is causing it to drop out every now and then, but apart from that the cameras are working fine.

  1. Real shame , such good scenery to watch as well , when no train around on the Glenfinnan Railcam

  2. Any chance of a West Midlands Metro or Blackpool Tramway cam coming to Railcam ?

  3. Is there a reason as to why the Peterborough cameras aren’t on YouTube anymore ?

    1. Is there any chance of installing a cam on the South Wales main line maybe at Cardiff or Newport?

      1. That would be great though a rural one in the Marshfield area would capture the speed.

  4. Shame about Glenfinnan. It had great views. Seems incongruous for the owner of a property where tourists must take many thousands of hours of video every year to object to a live stream!

  5. Sad to hear about both sets of cameras not being available anymore. But was great whilst they were available.

    1. Thanks someone thinking like me.. Would be nice to have camera at Swindon so it could cover the Bristol and South Wales lines, also the Gloucester Branch as I call it but it is a main line as well to the north or south. We can hope.

  6. Pity about these two cams am sure you will fine other sites and the scenery was out of this world, can I make a suggestion what about somewhere near Fort William or Mallaig. FW is where the Jacobite leaves from plus you are still seeing the class 150.

  7. Are the Isle of Wight Heritage cameras also being discussed? they appear to not be boradcasting on Railcam any more but are still selectable, or have i missed an announcement somewhere?.

    1. The IoW cameras are not hosted by us and just passed through to our site. I believe there have been discussions behind the scenes, so watch this space I guess.

  8. Feudalism appears to be still alive and kicking in the 21st Century.
    There is no morally acceptable reason why a small elite group should have the power to decide whether the public can look at a part of the countryside. Yet instead of anyone objecting to this injustice, we all doff our caps and say ‘what a shame’.
    Instead of accepting the decree of these parasites we should be mounting a campaign to challenge their divine right to decide who can view the beauty spots which belong to all of us.
    A negative article in the press would not be good for business!

  9. Can anyone tell me why YouTube has taken over some of the cams ? as the quality is pathetic compared to before

    1. YouTube will automatically select what it thinks is the best quality for your connection, you can change that by clicking on the cog in the bottom right hand corner of the YouTube screen and selecting a different quality setting. We have been taking some of the load off our servers by putting some of our free-to-view cameras on YouTube, keeping costs down and avoiding a price rise.

  10. Jamie, when the Peterborough ISP issue is sorted could you highlight it on the the chat information header/banner, so we all know. Also do was have a estimated date for the issue to be resolved? Many thanks.

  11. Sorry to lose both cams, for me particularly the Glenfinnan cam and its fabulous views. Ironic that the Glenfinnan Estate website features a view of the viaduct but denies potential users of the estate the chance to see it and the surrounding countryside. Sad.

  12. RailCam: whatever cams you give us are so greatly appreciated. I am perpetually stunned by by the vistas you give me with only a click or two of my comfy mouse. Understand that this is not just about realtime loco movements, but a realtime digression into an altogether wider vista of perception: a door of escape. When I look at the locos and scenery on the broader landscape of things my bills and deeds and promises-to-keep are eclipsed. How much I love the conversations too. FWIW you have my sincere appreciation LochEil or no LochEil.

  13. Whilst it is incredibly sad that we’ve lost the viaduct view in Scotland – and it sounds like there isnt any way forward…Id be intrigued to know what the Estates argument against it is? I doubt you can publish it, but it does seem to be a little like stamping feet and throwing toys out of prams.
    Such a shame there is no compromise 🙁
    I wonder if there are any other properties near by who might host something for everybodys pleasure?
    A quick look on Google maps of the area shows a “Glenfinnan view point” – is there any possibility there?
    Anyhow thanks for trying team …it was lovely while we had it.

  14. Sad to see Slough go. Will especially miss the short run to Windsor, which I have probably watched hundreds of time … Also enjoyed watching the electrification project (though I prefer diesel). Thanks to whoever made Slough possible!

  15. A real shame the Slough cameras are gone. Hopefully soon you can have one somewhere before Didcot.

  16. Sorry to see the Slough cams go,thanks to David Jobson for being host.As there been any suggestions for putting up a camera at Westbury station or the Westbury bypass line.Also is there any way to improve the sound quality of my local cam at Bushbury.Keep up the good work 👍

  17. There was a time when the sound on the Bushbury cam was excellent but it’s been very poor for a long time now. I suspect it is an electrical connection failing or the microphone has moved so it picks up the 50Hz from the OHE. It would be nice to have the quality back.

    1. Hi Kev, it’s on the list of jobs but we are down to one installer at the minute (who is currently on holiday) and a long list of upgrades/installs/fixes. We hope to pick things up very soon. Cheers.

  18. A camera in the Eastleigh area would be REALLY good, and or one in the Redbridge (Southampton area)

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