Agreement secures future Railcam coverage on the Settle & Carlisle Line

We are delighted to report that an agreement has been reached with Settle & Carlisle Railway Properties Ltd, for not one but two of the S&C cameras to continue.

Sadly, that means that the Kirkby Stephen and Ribblehead Station cameras will cease broadcasting immediately. The broadband at Kirkby Stephen has been so poor of late, that we had considered its removal anyway. A formal contract is now in place to allow the best two cameras – Ribblehead Viaduct and Horton-in-Ribblesdale – to continue indefinitely with minor adjustments to satisfy all parties involved.

Additionally, we are now in discussions with Settle & Carlisle Railway Properties Ltd about the possibility of adding cameras in the future. We already have a number of options being explored with them and other hosts, so we fully expect that there will be additional cameras in the coming weeks and months.

We would like to thank our friends on the S&C – FoSCL, The S&C Trust and now Settle & Carlisle Railway Properties Ltd, for partnering with us to provide these cameras over the past six years… and into the future.

Adrian Quine – Executive Director of Settle & Carlisle Railway Properties Ltd said: “We are delighted to be working with RailCam UK to continue to bring a small snapshot of this wonderful railway to people at home”

35 thoughts on “Agreement secures future Railcam coverage on the Settle & Carlisle Line”

  1. That is great news regarding cameras to continue on the S&C Well done and thanks to all involved.

    1. Absolutely.

      As a native of Kirkby Stephen a real shock, especially as no forewarning.

      I do look forward to where the new cameras might be placed. Personally I would favour one at CArlisle, placed so S& C trains could be seen entering station along with others on neighbouring tracks.

  2. What a shame we are losing the two cams, both of which I enjoy. Will the ‘minor adjustments’ mean sound back on the viaduct cam?

  3. I want railcam over Settle Carlisle line for the spotters to watch not just freight ,but for the charters

  4. So sad to see the two cameras go, but good news that you have secured the other two.
    Look forward to other cameras being sited along the line.

    Thank you

  5. I have enjoyed “dropping in” to view the trains it has made the past year bearable with all the restrictions – a big thank you to all concerned

  6. Settle and Carlisle Well that it two of my favourite cams on here gone I won’t be subscribing to railcam anymore. bye bye

    1. That is completely up to you Richard, but I will add that you have never needed a subscription to Railcam to watch any of the Settle & Carlisle Line cameras, they have always been free to view on both Railcam and FoSCL websites.

  7. Thank you and well done for securing the Ribblehead viaduct and the Horton-in-Ribblesdale web cams.

    No idea of the technicalities/power supply/installation requirements for a live streaming web cam but the signal boxes would have a good view of the line approaching the stations but not in the direction of the platforms to avoid GDPR issues.

    Hoping that Garsdale, Blea Moor and Dent are on your “what’s cooking” list.

    1. Blea Moor SB now has one of the fastest internet links on the rail network but still no mains water.

  8. Good news that the S&C will still be viewable on two cams, especially the viaduct. Shame about the others but I agree, Kirkby Stephen was pretty unwatchable anyway because of the buffering so it’s not much of a loss. Are other cams that overlook platforms (St Bees for example) likely to suffer GDPR issues?

  9. Delighted to hear this news. I look every day and enjoy seeing the weather change over Whernside. Thank you for your efforts. I am sure the webcams are good marketing tools to motivate people to travel the line.

  10. Always watch them whilst I’m on holiday in the canaries , interesting to watch the weather whilst I’m sunbathing and get my railway fix . Cheers for providing this free service

  11. Have to say I never had a problem from Kirkby Stephen, have watched it regularly since joining Railcam
    several years ago. Sorry to see it go

  12. Glad that some will survive. The two to remain haven’t worked for many months so I assume they will be fixed. I have mainly used Ribblehead station, which has more traffic, but when I have looked at Kirkby Stephen I’ve not seen the problems reported by others.

  13. OMG thank you i love the ribblehead cameras especially the viaduct and horton thank you to all involved it would have been devastating if these had gone, well done to all

  14. I saw on the S&C Railway Trust website that it was Northern Rail that raised GDPR issues with Kirkby Stephen and Ribblehead. I looked into it since I worked with GDPR when it was enacted and thought this was nonsense but the problem with a public video stream is that anyone can run facial recognition software on it, at which point it becomes personally identifiable information and something for which consent must be obtained. As there is no means of preventing such scraping of a public stream, short of the privacy screening that exists at some other RailCam sites, this would need to be negotiated and since it would not be within Northern Rail’s control it would presumably represent an unacceptable risk to them.

    1. ‘Facial recognition software’, are you serious?
      a) No software I’m aware of could possibly resolve any ones face from the potatoe cam ‘s featured on these web pages, the image quality is just no that good.
      b) Did anyone actually complain about the cameras or is it just another case of good ‘ol british ‘elf ‘an safety’ bull$hit?

      1. I agree with you. It is impossible to id an individual at either location using facial recognition software due to quality and distance of these cameras.

  15. Sorry to see Ribblehead station gone as it was the camera I used most often. Kirkby Stephen didn’t seem to be a problem when I used it but maybe I was lucky.

    As for the other two not of great interest to me so a net loss as far as I’m concerned would be nice to see Settle station with a camera, however.

  16. Well done for negotiating the retention of the two cameras. Sad to see Kirkby Stephen and Ribblehead Station bite the dust. At the moment my physical condition prevents me going to sample the railway as a traveller or lineside. Hope to see additional cameras added in the future, keep up the good work. Regards.

  17. Glad you’ve reached agreement on the two cameras remaining and look forward to seeing new ones, hopefully. Sad that the other two have been removed, with poor justification in my view. Data protection misapplied, in my view.

  18. Great news, good for all concerned. Its a pity about Kirkby Stephen going, there was something exciting about watching the semaphore signal and knowing a train was due. The Ribblehead viaduct camera is still one of the best railway views we have, majestic in the summer sun and awesome in the teeth of a winter blizzard.

  19. A person’s CCTV image is their personal data… it should only be disclosed where necessary, such as for the purposes of crime detection, and not merely for entertainment… So on that basis “entertainment” no live webcams accessible on youtube or to groups like railcam should show people. Earlier posts considered facial recognition software which is of course nonsense but I could identify friends and family purely on the visuals provided by several of these cameras. Perhaps only images of trains are now acceptable, so no platforms. Unfortunately there are several good railway webcams that will not comply with the GDPR unless of course it is a condition of purchasing a ticket or travelling on a heritage railway line that you accept live/recorded transmission of images via the internet for the purpose of marketing and leisure etc. ???

  20. I really don’t no why the cameras couldn’t just be moved to end of the platforms at Kirkby Stephen and ribblehead problem solved especially the ribblehead one far to much red tape and crap these day but it’s the trains people want to see and moving to the end of platform at ribblehead would solve this

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