Auto-pan testing goes LIVE

New experimental feature added to Railcam….. Auto-panning cameras!

We have 4 cameras (Beattock, Bedford, Newark and Thankerton) all set to pan to face certain types of trains as the approach. The same data as we use for diagrams and “Approaching” indicators, is now used to turn cameras when certain types of headcode are about to pass. Freights, light-engine and “specials” (xZxx / xQxx headcodes), should trigger the moves…

We are not turning the cameras for every train because :

  • There would be too many conflicts as two or more trains approach at once
  • It would wear-out the camera mechanisms too quickly

The feature is still under development, but we think it’s a useful feature at some of our camera sites, and we would love any feedback you may have…..

5 thoughts on “Auto-pan testing goes LIVE”

  1. Works really well on the Bedford Cam. The feature delivers good variation in the views, and means we are not forever seeing the rear end of an interesting movement dissapearing into the distand after a quick glimps of the lead vehicle.

    Newbury has to be a future candidate given the amount of freight on that line.

    Thansk as always for the great service.

  2. It would be great if the Sleepers were included on this facility.
    It would also be great if the Beattock cam had it zoom reduced – every time it’s pointing north at night the zoom is so extreme that the view is destroyed and all we see is a blur.

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