Railcam UK expands European coverage with Railcam Lyon partnership

Railcam are delighted to welcome Railcam Lyon to our now extensive international coverage.

Railcam Lyon, France – AHICF Poste 1 owner Antoine has provided us with this brief history of the site and what we can expect to see…..

This railcam is located on signal tower Poste 1 of Lyon-Perrache station, France. Built in 1930, the signal tower was used until 2016 to control the western part of Lyon-Perrache’s tracks, including the four-track Pont de la Quarantaine bridge on the Saône river. As the building is currently being renovated by AHICF, the railcam is a way to promote the project and provide railfans a breath-taking view over the bridge and river. The railcam is monitored by Railcam Lyon’s team with help from AHICF.

Railway traffic includes plenty of freight trains every day as well as local passenger traffic and shunting on the bridge or to Lyon-Vaise depot. Saône river also has its waterway traffic including freight, cruise, sightseeing and private boats. Trains coming towards the camera are going to the South through Lyon-Perrache station, those leaving towards the tunnel are going to the North.

Please visit and subscribe to the official Railcam Lyon YouTube page at http://railcam.fr/ and if you would like to find out more about more about the building renovation project, you can find that by clicking here.

Railcam would like to thank Antoine and the team at Railcam Lyon, France – AHICF Posted 1 for allowing us to share this fantastic live stream with you all, and we look forward to seeing some of the best that the French railways have to offer.

Below is a taster of some of the action you can expect to see…..

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