New Rail company Lumo impress at official launch

Lumo travel has officially launched their new Hitachi-built, class 803’s into service during an inaugural journey from London’s Kings Cross station to Edinburgh Scotland.

The start of the new open-access operator has been widely viewed as something for the passenger, bringing a whole new way of thinking about the experience rather than a service between points A and B.

Lumo 803001 at Kings Cross London launch 21 October 2021

There is now no need for First class travel. Everyone onboard a Lumo service gets treated the same way. They are important and any division of status due to how much you pay is scoffed at. The class system belongs in the past and in this time of inclusion, Lumo has it right.

Television personality Tim Dunn kindly shows the legroom available.

Lumo is part of First group and they have clearly listened to feedback from the GWR 800/2 stock for this new incarnation. The Lumo 803’s have more legroom, longer extendable back seat trays, 3 pin sockets, and USB points located in front rather than below seats, with adjustable lighting incorporated into seatbacks.

USB and 3 pin charging in front to save breaking those chargers!

Many other features remain the same. But those directly affecting comfort during a longer journey have been well considered. There is always a downside of course. With the Lumo sets, the cabins have been filled with airline seating with just two tables available. Many of those airline seats are forced into random window positions or carriage bodies so be sure to know the best seat numbers before you book.

inside the cabin of the Hitachi class 803 operated by Lumo.

The positives far outweigh the negatives though. Not only the aforementioned points but the ease of booking via their app, free entertainment package, at-seat pre-ordered food options, trolley service for those who forget or want some extras but the biggest plus? of course the price of under £20.

Lets have a more in-depth look at those plus points.

Take yourself to the Lumo site and have a really good look around. Try booking and see the options and how easy it is book. Then take another look! Choose your food. Organise your luggage to be collected and delivered to not just your destination, but your hotel or campsite. Consider which movie or box set you want to watch. Book additional tickets and have it all on one button of your phone.

Catch an episode of Peaky Blinders or the Architecture the railway built on Lumo’s free entertainment package.

Lumo will operate from Kings Cross and call at Stevenage, Newcastle, and Morpeth before arriving at Edinburgh. Initially, they will operate two trains in each direction per day before increasing the services in the new year. The first paying train will be on Monday 25th October. The best prices are available up to 12 weeks in advance and you can even use your railcard to further reduce costs.

Lumo Managing Director Helen Wylde departing the service at Edinburgh.

Lumo fully intends to be the focus of sustainability, inclusivity, and modern-day environmental issues with their fully electric trains and forward-thinking practices. The next time you want to make a journey between the capitols give them a try, you really won’t be left disappointed, more likely amazed.

Lumo operated 803001 arriving into Kings Cross with guest appearance from Tim Dunn and Geoff Marshall

Interview with Lumo MD Helen Wylde during the return to London

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    1. Regulations changed a few years ago where certain classes, with the new LED light clusters, were no longer required to have the yellow end visibility colour.

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