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Covid-19 restrictions over the past year and a half have made it difficult for us at Railcam to keep all of our plans on-track. We’ve ended up with quite a backlog of maintenance and new installs that we just couldn’t deal with.

Railcam Directors and Admins have always had to fit their efforts in around “real jobs”, family and other commitments – which has made it very difficult indeed to push Railcam forward as we would like to. We are therefore delighted to announce a major change to how Railcam UK works.

Andrew Jebb, one of the Railcam Directors and Barking camera host, is now officially employed by Railcam on a part-time basis. This enables Andrew to embark on trips around the country to perform maintenance and install new cameras. This is great news for everybody and means that we can all expect to see problems fixed more quickly and a string of new cameras in the coming weeks and months.

Andrew will now formulate plans to put a dent in our backlog of repairs, installs and maintenance which will certainly keep him busy for the next few months.

The new arrangement is for an initial trial period, but we are confident that this will be the beginning of a new and exciting future for Railcam UK.

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