We have good news, and bad news….

We regret to announce that the Horton-in-Ribblesdale camera has ceased broadcasting.

Up to now, we have benefited from a connection to the Internet provided by Boundless Networks, who used the station as a hub for supplying Internet to homes and businesses in the vicinity. Sadly, Boundless have now made alternative arrangements and will withdraw our service. This was planned to be on or around 5th December, but seems to have happened earlier than anticipated.

We have investigated all options to enable us to continue broadcasting, but have been unable to find an option which is both technically and financially viable. We continue to explore alternatives and hope to reinstate the camera at some point in the future.

Now the good news…

Since the loss of the Ribblehead and Kirkby Stephen cameras, we have been searching for new locations along the S&C and have not one but two sites at an advanced stage. We’ll announce more when we have finished installation, along with information about where the camera/cameras can be viewed.

10 thoughts on “We have good news, and bad news….”

  1. So sad to see Horton no more, it was “guarenteed” too. Thank you to RailCam for trying so hard to save it. It’s lovely to have good news too, two new ones to look forward to, you have all done so well to get these.

    Looking forward very much to the time when we see them. I feel so privilged to be able to look at the these old places, it brings Yorkshire so close to home.

    My kind regards

  2. I’m sorry but in a way, seems as though you’re being held to ransom,take the cameras down, find a place where there’s no one who want’s to profit of the cameras (sure it’s all voluntary) Tell that company to go and have a walk over the moors, their only after making more money out of a volunteer service.

  3. Another sad loss after KS and the view of Ribblehead Station. And the sound at Ribblehead. Appreciate it is not admins fault and look forward to seeing the new cams. Railcam is still a treasure trove of rail movements, onwards and upwards!

  4. Thank you for the wonderful service you supply us with and the great effort you are going to bring us coverage of this wonderful line.

  5. This really is a shame. After abolishing the Ribblehead and Kirkby Stephen cameras, now we lose Horton. Let’s see what comes in their place. Seems easier to get new sites in UsS, than in UK(Scottish coverage is pathetic). As a northener, what we really need is a site at CARLISLE, which covers many different lines and services

  6. Seems to be a lot of effort for a few trains although the scenery is stunning, I would prefer that an alternative host for the cameras could be found at LEYLAND.

  7. Wheee, on the whole, good news were in majority!
    Hopefully Ribblehead bridge will remain and then two
    others – I´m on…

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