Railcam on YouTube – Changes from 3rd January 2022

The idea of the YouTube streams was always to encourage people to subscribe on the Railcam.uk website. Covid-19 and the various restrictions and lockdowns, meant that we have left the streams live on YouTube for longer than we ever intended, but they were never intended to be a permanent fixture.

It’s important to understand that it costs money to install and run a camera, even on YouTube There are server costs, hardware costs, travel to install and maintain the cameras. There is often a commercial broadband service to fund in order to stream the cameras at all. All of this has to be funded and there has to be a benefit to Railcam and our paying subscribers in providing a free service on YouTube.

It’s also important to note the time and effort that people put into the streams; the people that keep the streams running and fix problems when they arise, fix them when they fail – not to mention our volunteer chat moderators who have the unenviable task of keeping order in the chat.

Sadly, it has become clear that instead of being an advertisement for the Railcam website as intended, it has become an alternative to it. The overwhelming majority of YouTube viewers have no intention of contributing towards the substantial costs of operating the service. It’s not fair on our subscribers to expect them to subsidise a free service which doesn’t benefit the main site. It’s clear that we should spend valuable subscription money on improving the service (better servers, more cameras, new features etc) instead of funding a way to avoid contributing.

We won’t be withdrawing from YouTube entirely, but the nature and number of streams will change. Some cameras which have been a permanent fixture on YouTube will only be available on the Railcam website, except for occasional spells as the “Camera-of-the-Week” on one of our Railcam Sampler streams.

5 thoughts on “Railcam on YouTube – Changes from 3rd January 2022”

  1. Hi i totally agree with the above, but like anywhere there are always going to be Free loaders, you see it on Crewe cam 2 a lot only come on for the sleeper.
    Should Make Crewe cam 2 Members only.

    (Paid subscriber}

  2. I still subscribe but due to the age of my computer I cannot access your Station cameras on dashboard except for the grey box ones so why not have access only to some cameras as you have the Dawlish and York station ones for people like me otherwise I will have to stop subscribing as I am not buying an expensive new iPad to get the ones I cannot at the moment also access to the American ones no problem at any time thank you from primrose6023

  3. I totally agree with the comments regarding YouTube . I do think it is important, however, for Railcam to maintain some free non-subscriber cameras, frustrating as that may seem at times. [Crewe 2 is cited above ] I say that, because it was through seeing the free cameras that I learned about Railcam and soon became a subscriber. I believe I am now in my 3rd year as a subscriber. I’m sure there must be others who have similarly found the site.
    Finally, sincere thanks to all those who do so much to provide this site. It is truly appreciated.

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