Railcam Subscription Changes – February 2022

Throughout a very testing 2021, Railcam has continued to grow at a tremendous rate, with installations and upgrade projects delayed by Covid-19 and national lockdowns being picked up and completed. The huge backlog saw Railcam take on our first part time employee, in Barking camera host and technical admin Andrew Jebb, who came on board to help get the mountain of jobs slowly ticked off.

The number of outstanding job was only added to throughout the year as more hosts came forward to offer new locations. The quicker we completed pre-Covid jobs, potential new locations were being added, which still means we have much to do going into 2022….

As we all know, more cameras means more site surveys, more installation trips, more maintenance trips and older cameras being upgraded to more modern standards that our supporters expect, resulting in beefing up our servers to withstand the extra loadings. This unfortunately comes at a cost……

Throughout 2021 welcomed new cameras at Keighley, Kidderminster, Sheffield and Wigan. Upgrades were also undertaken at Beattock, Bedford, Bolton le Sands, Crewe, Flitwick, Newark, Peterborough, Thankerton, Todmorden and Watford.

On the heritage side we welcomed a number of new locations, including the Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Railway, Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, North Yorkshire Moors Railway, Seaton Tramway and the Severn Valley Railway our ever increasing coverage of the UK heritage scene.

We have also seen additions to the international coverage we offer, with partnerships from Tampere, Finland and Lyon AHICF Post 1, France, both boosting our coverage outside of the UK.

Additional cameras obviously come at a cost, and this year has been no exception. A third server was required to keep the railcam wheels rolling, along with hardware, travel and installation costs, which saw our small team stretched far and wide. Our overheads have risen significantly, which includes rising server hosting and bandwidth costs, plus we have also installed a number of dedicated broadband connections at some of our sites, including the use of commercial 4G connectivity, each of which involves a contact of its own but will bring a more reliable service to our viewers.

Recent months have seen costs from our suppliers rise across the board, mainly driven by the rise in fuel costs. In particular, power-hungry servers are costing more to run and transport costs for installations and maintenance are rising sharply.

We have done what we can to tighten our belts and absorb rising costs, but like all businesses at the moment, we have no option but to balance the books.

With that in mind, we have made the decision to restructure our supporter package pricing from February 1st 2022, the following will apply,

  • 12 Months £30
  • 6 Months £18
  • 3 Months £10
  • 1 Month £4, which has remained unchanged to offer an introductory taster to Railcam.

These prices remain competitive and great value compared to similar comparable websites worldwide.

Remember your Railcam subscription is not just for the cameras, our highly regarded RCData package includes schedules, live signalling diagrams and user sourced allocation information, by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. More information can be found at https://railcam.uk/whatyouget.php 

Raising the cost of our supporter packages is a decision we haven’t taken lightly, but we believe we are still offering some of the best value for any enthusiast in the UK – or further afield.

Any subscription taken out before the 1st February will be added to your existing package and will not incur an addition charge until that package expires.

20 thoughts on “Railcam Subscription Changes – February 2022”

  1. I am with you in everything you state! An excellent service and well worth every penny. Thank you Alistair

  2. Rather than just say that subscriptions are going up due to rising costs, you have given us a long and detailed news item.
    This is much appreciated and accepted. I fully support you and think that the increase is modest under the circumstances. Railcam is great value for money and I wouldn’t be without it !!

  3. A fabulous service from a dedicated team. I use it every day and find it enthralling as well as being an essential tool to rail movements.
    This increase is fully justified

  4. Less than 60p per week, still great value for money. I love the chatroom and I’ve met some great likeminded people.

  5. I’m in my 80s and I have not been able to go trackside since covid started. I have missed my frequent photographic visits in the Peterborough and surrounding areas and the site has filled the gap, in addition, I have seen areas that I am not fit enough to travel to any longer. Well done to you and grateful thanks.

  6. I think this would be good so that the streams can keep running. The members that are supporters are helping out with paying for their supporter which will help with getting new cams installed and just the normal General running of the website.

  7. Thank you Railcam, still worth the money with great service from all the cams, this is my only hobby watching the trains go by.

  8. Considering the upgrades that have been made, plus the increased coverage, I think you sell yourselves short.
    I would be more than willing to pay £40 for a years subs, But I know the younger supporters may struggle, so would like to suggest a discount for those not old enough to be employed.

  9. I always take time to break cost into a weekly payment. £30 equates to 58p per week.
    what in this world would u get for 58p and bearing in mind what we have at our fingertips. My life line on losing my dear wife, information overload as regards the railway and cameras to keep u interested for hours. The chat at best is bostin and at worst u can use ignore button. Long live RailCam.

    1. The camera is owned by the SVR, we are just stream providers. The camera requires attention that will be carrier out at the request of the railway, at a time that fits in with their plans. Keep an eye out for more information as we have it.

  10. More than happy with the subs, use the cams every day to keep up with things from 12,000 miles away and really appreciate them.

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