Railcam are ‘Going Underground’…

Railcam UK Ltd are delighted to announce our next camera install, and our very first dedicated camera on the London Underground. Railcam Epping.

Railcam Epping/Locomotive L11 & Epping Signal Cabin ©Railcam UK Ltd

Epping is the north-eastern terminus of London Underground’s Central Line, and as you can see from the image above, we have a wonderful view for all arrivals and departures. Information from Transport for London can be found here.

Railcam Epping is very kindly hosted by the Locomotive L11 & Epping Signal Cabin preservation group, a dedicated group of volunteers helping to preserve a unique example of  London Transport rolling stock and the redundant Signal Cabin at Epping.

Locomotive L11

Our aim is to preserve L11 as a static exhibit and to reflect it’s use as a departmental shunting Loco by returning it to Engineers Yellow although it was at one time Bullock Maroon. Further information on the L11 page here.

Epping Signal Cabin

Epping Signal Cabin has undergone a massive transformation since 2014, full update as the website is updated. Further information on the Signal Cabin page here.

Find out more about Locomotive L11 & Epping Signal Cabin, including history, future plans and how you can help, by visiting their website at www.eppingmuseum.com

Epping Camera will be available FREE to all Railcam members (Register FREE at www.railcam.uk) this weekend and through until Tuesday 14th February, where it will revert to a ‘Supporters Only’ camera.

Our thanks, as always, go to our camera hosts and the Railcam installation team for pulling together another wonder addition to site.

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