New multi-choice options for Railcam Crewe users

All the advantages of YouTube viewing, with all the Railcam features too!

Railcam has been busy creating a new option that gives the best of both for the main site subscribers and those who follow on Youtube.

The new option has been brought about by the continued technical issues of broadcasting the Crewe camera 2 to Youtube. The stream failed several times a day causing disruption to viewers due to the link breaking on the Youtube site. The stream then had to be reset by an admin to continue coverage.

This could not be allowed to continue and so the brains trust has created a hybrid, available on the main Railcam site to give an enhanced user experience to benefit all.

The new option allows the user to select the preferred camera view, follow movements on the live diagram, see the next train due and chat on either Railcam or Youtube at the same time.

For those wishing to access the new option, please go to the main menu, cams & chat, Crewe Multicam feature. Select your camera view at the top of the displayed page, select either Railcam or Youtube chat and enjoy!

For those not yet subscribed to Railcam or those who need a little extra help, please follow the instructions below.

Firstly create an account. This can either be a full subscription or the free version.

To create an account please go to the subscribe button

Select your subscription, either paid or free options are available

Once you have an active account you will need to log in to the Railcam site with your user name and password. You need to do this even for free accounts.

Click on Cams & Chat drop-down menu and select Crewe Multicam.

Select your camera view at the top of the page. Two views are available for free accounts, all cameras for paid subscribers. Select either railcam or Youtube chat on the right of the page.

To use the Youtube chat, you first must be subscribed to the Railcam Youtube channel for 24 hours.

Below the camera view is the Crewe diagram with “Live” movements and camera positions for the user to anticipate the next pass to view.

Train “Headcode” will tell you what is expected next on the camera view. Click on the headcode for full details.

This is a trial that Railcam will be monitoring and so please feel free to offer feedback by replying to this post.

Railcam hopes that this will give an enhanced viewer experience and offers a complete package on a single page to showcase what is available to full members.

2 thoughts on “New multi-choice options for Railcam Crewe users”

  1. I’m really enjoying the multi cam view of Crewe, I’ll subscribe when I can afford it again. Well done on all the work you do!

  2. at this moment in time crewe cam is down could we have an alternative untill cam 2 is fixed i an going to afully member wen a spare 30 quid becomesavailable –keep up the good work thanks eric –nell

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