In Memorium of Jon ‘Seahill’ Condell

Hello everyone and welcome to my little bit of Railcam. It’s been quite some time since we last ‘conversed’ but my first article is an important one. So if I could borrow a little bit of your time, thank you……

Dear all,

I will keep this brief but I would like to take a moment, and if you can too, to mark the fact that it is a year ago this week since we received the terribly sad news of the passing after a long battle with cancer of our friend Jon Condell, known to most of our members as ‘Seahill’. He was our DPO – Data Protection Officer. He worked very hard behind the scenes to help us with the complicated, and I dare say infuriating sometimes, changes in the laws and regulations we have to abide by (more commonly known as GDPR). He is responsible for writing a lot of our privacy and data protection policies. In fact he even took the time and effort to fly over to meet with our senior admin to flesh it all out because simply he had the time and to make things easier for our guys with respect to their available time etc. He didn’t have to….but he did. Also at this time, we were upgrading our site and he stepped in to help with this too and dealt with a huge amount of members’ questions regarding the new login procedure. He was infinitely patient somehow. His skills were invaluable to us, nothing short of immense from a very clever individual. He would do his utmost to help answer any questions he could in the chatroom too which helped the likes of myself as moderators. The thing is, he would offer, he would step in, he wouldn’t think twice to help, without wanting any thanks or reward in return. I’m sorry that I can only say thanks to you on here now Jon, for everything you did in the short time it felt you were with us on Railcam, we are so grateful.

On a personal note if I may, he would often send me and help me with questions for when I hosted the weekly chatroom quiz. They were always high quality. We didn’t always see eye-to-eye and I recall making some less than complimentary remarks to him and about him…but we always talked and sorted things, he was decent like that. He understood my frailties and issues and we simply talked things through whenever we needed to.

Jon, you will be fondly remembered for years to come by us all at RC, we lost a really smart mind and a really nice bloke and a really really good friend. Rest in peace kind Sir. Lots of love to his family and loved ones, he was a credit to you all.

Until next time folks, take care of yourself and others. I’ll be back soon