Railcam’s support and coverage of #GBRf2021 – This Time It’s Personal Charity Railtour

©GB Railfreight

The mammoth 4-day GB Railfreight charity railtour returns for 2021, and This Time It’s Personal!

A selection of traction will be used over the 4 days, including Class 59, Class 60, Class 69, Class 73/9, Class 86, Class 91 and more….. This is a true enthusiasts dream charter and all in support of https://prostatecancer.org

Starting at London Victoria on Thursday 2nd September, the tour takes in destinations such as Harwich International, Southampton Central, the WCML, West Highland Line to Oban, the ECML and finishing up at London Paddington on Sunday 5th September.

Keep an eye out for our admin team on board, plus your chance to win one of two Railcam goodie bags (amongst some superb prizes) as part of the onboard raffle…..

Schedules and Railcam camera pass times are as follows…….


1Z21 London Victoria (09:45) to London Gateway Gbrf (12:09)

Class 66 x 1

🎥 Barking (11:19)

Track it – https://railcam.uk/rcdata/RCData2_detail.php?r=S&tid=871Z211F02

1Z22 London Gateway Gbrf (12:29) to Harwich International (15:37)

Class 73/9 x 2 (London Gateway to Temple Mills Loop)

Class 66 x 1 (Temple Mills Loop to Harwich International)

Track it – https://railcam.uk/rcdata/RCData2_detail.php?r=S&sid=20215368

1Z23 Harwich International (15:47) to Harwich International (16:41)

Class 73/9 x 2 (Harwich International to Parkeston Gbrf)

Class 66 x 1 (Parkeston Gbrf to Harwich International)

Track it – https://railcam.uk/rcdata/RCData2_detail.php?r=S&sid=20215369

1Z24 Harwich International (16:54) to London Euston (22:38)

Class 73/9 x 2 (Harwich International to Ely)

Class 66 x 1 (Ely to Wembley Area)

Class 73/9 x 2 (Wembley Area to London Euston)

🎥 Camden Junction (21:47)

Track it – https://railcam.uk/rcdata/RCData2_detail.php?r=S&sid=20240527


1Z25 London Euston (07:26) to Marchwood MOD Gbrf (12:07)

Class 73/1 x 2 – (London Euston to Wembley Area)

🎥 Camden Junction (07:31)

Class 59 x 1 – (Wembley Area to Eastleigh Marchwood)

Track it – https://railcam.uk/rcdata/RCData2_detail.php?r=S&tid=721Z251A03

Loco TBC – Shunts within Eastleigh Marchwood

1Zxx Marchwood MOD Gbrf (15:22) to Acton Lane Reception Sidings GB Railfreight (19:17)

Class 59 x 1 (Marchwood MOD Gbrf to Eastleigh East Yard)

Class 73/1 x 2 (Eastleigh East Yard to Kensington Olympia)

Track it – https://railcam.uk/rcdata/RCData2_detail.php?r=S&sid=20215471

FRIDAY 3rd SEPTEMBER (Overnight)

1Zxx Marchwood MOD Gbrf (15:22) to Acton Lane Reception Sidings GB Railfreight (19:17)

Class 73/1 x 2 (Kensington Olympia to Acton Mainline Reception)

Track it – https://railcam.uk/rcdata/RCData2_detail.php?r=S&sid=20215471

1Zxx Acton Lane Reception Sidings GB Railfreight (19:45) to Mossend Up Yard (05:08)

Class 86 x 1 (Action Mainline Reception GB Railfreight to Crewe)

🎥 Watford Junction (20:05)

Class 92 x 1 (Crewe to Mossend Up Yard)

🎥 Crewe 2 & 5 (00:10)

🎥 Crewe 4 (00:12)

🎥 Leyland (00:47)

🎥 Farington Junction (00:49)

🎥 Preston (01:02)

🎥 Bolton Le Sands (01:12)

🎥 Beattock (03:55)

🎥 Thankerton (04:30)

Track it – https://railcam.uk/rcdata/RCData2_detail.php?r=S&sid=20241551

1Zxx Mossend Up Yard (05:45) to Oban (10:35)

Class 37 x 2 (courtesy of Direct Rail Services)

Track it – https://railcam.uk/rcdata/RCData2_detail.php?r=S&tid=071Z301504


1Z30 Mossend Up Yard (05:45) to Oban (10:35)

Class 37 x 2 (courtesy of Direct Rail Services)

Track it – https://railcam.uk/rcdata/RCData2_detail.php?r=S&tid=071Z301504

1Z31 Oban (12:52) to Carlisle (23:15)

Class 37 x 2 (courtesy of Direct Rail Services) (Oban to Mossend Up Yard)

Class 91 x 1 (Mossend Up Yard to Newcastle)

🎥 Cramlington (20:35)

Class 60 x 1 (Newcastle to Carlisle)

Track it – https://railcam.uk/rcdata/RCData2_detail.php?r=S&tid=061Z311L04


1Zxx Carlisle (10:15) to Preston (11:35)

Class 66 x 1 –

🎥 Preston (11:30)

Track it –

1Zxx Preston (12:25) to Bescot Up And Down Goods (15:30)

Class 50 x 3 (Preston to Bescot Up And Down Goods)

🎥 Farington Junction (12:27)

🎥 Leyland (12:29)

🎥 Crewe 4 (13:10)

🎥 Crewe 2 & 5 (13:11)

🎥 Bushbury Junction (13:57)

Class 66 x 1 (Bescot Up And Down Goods to Bescot Up And Down Goods)

Track it –

1Zxx Bescot Up And Down Goods(16:00) to London Paddington (19:21)

Class 69 x 1

Track it –

5 minute read – UPDATE: Repair works underway following Cambridgeshire level crossing incident

©Network Rail

Repair works are underway on the line between Ely and Peterborough following a collision between a freight train and a tractor yesterday morning (19 August).

As of Friday (20 August) the freight train and wagons had been removed and Network Rail’s engineers had completed half a mile of track repairs, with the remaining half a mile planned in over the weekend. Repairs are also being carried out to the signalling equipment and level crossing infrastructure.

The work is expected to be completed early next week. The line will remain closed on Monday and a further update will be provided regarding its reopening. We aim to reopen the line as early as possible next week.

Network Rail’s infrastructure director for Anglia, Simon Milburn, said:

“We’ve been working around the clock to carry out repairs as quickly as possible and have completed half of the track repairs so far with further works planned this weekend. We aim to reopen the line as soon as we can next week but it will remain closed on Monday. I’d like to thank passengers for their continued patience while we complete this work.

“Passengers travelling between Ely and Peterborough are advised to check with their train operator or National Rail Enquiries for the latest information.”

Just after 9am a freight train collided with a tractor at Kisbeys user worked level crossing in March, Cambridgeshire between March and Whittlesea stations. Network Rail is assisting the Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) with their investigation to fully understand the circumstance of the incident.

The crash caused three freight wagons to derail and has caused significant damage to the track, signalling equipment and the level crossing. The train driver and the tractor driver sustained minor injuries.

Direct Rail Riders

Direct Rail Services (DRS) has named locomotive 66303 “Rail Riders 2020” in honour of the rail members club. 

66303 Rail Riders 2020 ©Railcam UK

Originally running from 1981 to 1991, Rail Riders was reformed into the rail enthusiasts’ club it is today. It relaunched on 29 February 2020 and has had to battle Covid restrictions ever since, while all the while growing to 600 members in just over a year, and this marks the first official naming event to take place in public. 

66303 Rail Riders 2020, York ©Railcam UK

This morning (Wednesday 7 July 2021) DRS’s class 66, 66303 was unveiled at York station wearing its new nameplate to a select audience of Rail Riders members and representatives from DRS. 

Chris Connelly, NTS Deputy CEO and DRS Rail Director, said: “It’s fantastic to work with the rail enthusiast community on this project and it will be great to see Rail Riders 2020 cover Britain’s railway network. 

“66303 was chosen as it can cover the entire rail network and can be used on DRS’s entire portfolio of work from nuclear to intermodal, ensuring the country’s lights stay on and supermarket shelves are full.” 

Rail Riders Simon Buxton with members of the DRS team at York, alongside 66303 Rail Riders 2020 ©Railcam UK
66303 Rail Riders 2020, York ©Railcam UK

Simon Buxton, Rail Riders Director, added: “We’re thrilled to be working with DRS and would like the thank them for their support. It’s been a long time coming, having been originally planned for last year but to have the locomotive actually named in York station is incredible. I look forward to seeing photos of this special locomotive on social media travelling around the country.  

“We’ve now got two named locomotives flying the flag for the club which is beyond my wildest dreams when I first started the process of bringing it back to life. The club will go from strength to strength over the next 12 months and the response we have received across the railway family has been outstanding.” 

66303 Rail Riders 2020 & 66175 Rail Riders Express, York ©Railcam UK