With the continued reduction in Covid related restrictions we expect to see more enthusiasts venturing out to the lineside and spending more time away from the computer, so we are going to put to bed the #SpottingFromHome project and look in a new direction…..

Have you gone out to photo a train because you heard about it through chat, Railcam Data, or saw it on one of our cameras?

Have you visited one of our heritage partners because you saw them on one of our cameras?

Have you stopped in any of the lineside guest houses that are hosts to one of our cameras?

Have you purchased any railway related products we have mentioned on Railcam?

If you have, then please tag us in your posts!

We would love to see how far we are reaching, other than people watching cameras.

Please feel free to keep posting those screen grabs from our cameras, and as you did with #SpottingFromHome, keep tagging us and and TOCs that are featured, but use the new hashtag.

In your posts simply tag Railcam (@railcamlive on Twitter, /railcamlive on Facebook & railcam.uk on Instagram) and include the hashtag #SawItOnRailcam

Let’s see where Railcam has taken you…….