Freight hotspot adds to Railcam’s Crewe coverage with Locomotive Storage Ltd partnership

Railcam UK Ltd are delighted to announce our partnership with Locomotive Storage Limited to bring you the missing piece of our coverage in Crewe, the independent freight lines at Salop Goods Junction.

This is, by far the most requested location we have ever had, and when we say this one has been years in the making, we are not joking! Initial enquiries were made for this location in 2015 and Phil O’Ryan has worked tirelessly on behalf of Railcam since then to build a relationship with Locomotive Storage Limited (LSL) and to bring the project together.

People often ask us why we don’t announce a location in advance of it going live – well this is a perfect example… Just when we were gearing up for launch, the camera decided to fail… Cue many expletives and hastily made plans for Andrew Jebb to go and replace it – after undergoing training on the use of LSL’s “cherry-picker”! Never a dull moment!

Our thanks go to all those who have helped this happen, from the initial discussions, right the way through to replacing the faulty camera. Special thanks go to our friends at LSL, who have been supportive and positive throughout. We look forward to developing the partnership in the future.

3 thoughts on “Freight hotspot adds to Railcam’s Crewe coverage with Locomotive Storage Ltd partnership”

  1. will there be a ‘quick link’ within the current Crewe Multicam page to take the users to the new Crewe South webcam and vice versa

  2. Great camera, Crewe is now well and truly covered by Railcam. Thank you to everyone involved in this project.

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