Railcam & Saltash Council partnership provides live coverage from Royal Albert Bridge

How could we possibly top the wonderful new Chinley camera, with it’s spectacular view of not one, but two viaducts?

Answer… Find one of the most iconic structures on the UK rail network and install two cameras there.

We present… Railcam Saltash – with panoramic views of Brunel’s famous Royal Albert Bridge, the Tamar Suspension Bridge and the River Tamar below.

As a special treat, we’ve arranged for The Flying Scotsman to pass over the bridge on our launch weekend!!! Well OK, it was already planned to do that, so we pulled-out all the stops to get the cameras installed in time. The NRM’s famous locomotive is due to haul The Royal Duchy – Flying Scotsman on Sunday 30th April. Let’s hope the weather is kind.

Camera 2 will be available to all Railcam members – and will also be on YouTube, from Saturday evening.

Camera 1 is the Railcam Supporter camera (available from 12pm Saturday), focusing more on the railway, with pan/tilt/zoom capability to watch trains cross the bridge.

We would like to thank Saltash Council and the Saltash Station Building Refurbishment Project for working with us on this and allowing us to install our equipment.
Thanks also to our two Andrews, who made the trip down to Cornwall and did their usual excellent job on the install.

A bit of background…
The Royal Albert Bridge has always been right at the top of our list of must-have camera locations. After an option at the other side of the river failed to come to fruition, TV railway historian Tim Dunn suggested that we contact the people at Saltash Station, where he had recorded a programme for his series “The Architecture the Railways Built”. That was in 2021, and a lot of water has gone under the bridge (literally!), but we have finally cracked it!

We are sure you will agree that this is a bit special.

21 thoughts on “Railcam & Saltash Council partnership provides live coverage from Royal Albert Bridge”

  1. Absolutely, wonderfully special. I live in Plymouth, which borders Saltash, aka Cornwall, Can’t wait. Well done and thank you,
    Best wishes to all your team.

    1. Looking forward to Flying Scotsman tomorrow. I understand it will be LE Plymouth to PR having turned at Laira. This may have changed with St. Blazey turntable now operational this week

  2. According to the info on the website of the railtour operator this train will be diesel hauled between Plymouth and Par, so those hoping for a glimpse of the Flying Scotsman will need to catch it on the Dawlish and Teignmouth cams to avoid disappointment.

    1. Hi MT. We have been following this closely as the website is also stating it is hauled by Flying Scotsman from Par on the return leg, so we expect that Flying Scotsman will come off at Plymouth to be turned and will either attach to the rear of the train to Par, or make its own way down to Par to haul the return leg. We are awaiting times to be released for confirmation…..

      1. That sounds more promising then – good to know. The new cam is wonderful – brilliant work by all involved!

    2. Saltash enquiries have been assured Scotsman is crossing the Bridge. I know the RTT sites say it won’t,but…….

      1. I have asked the question to Railway Touring Company and await a reply. My guess is it will be turned at Plymouth and be on the rear of the train (There is just under an hours wait time at Plymouth on the out bound leg) and it will lead back from Par. I hope she is on the front for both but it does state ‘diesel hauled from Plymouth’ on the Railway Touring Company website. Fingers crossed.

  3. What fantastic news! So glad you finally managed to crack it and get a cam installed on the Tamar.
    I’m near Penznace and unfortunately it will be too far for me to travel to Par to see the Flying Scotsman on Sunday. I’m disabled and was disappointed she wasn’t going to com all the way down to Penzance.
    This now gives me the opportunity to watch live.
    Once again RC thank you for all your efforts and pulling a blinder like this for the Flying Scotsman visit!

  4. So looking forward to see The Flying Scotsman engine on the front of the train coming back…its going to be an Awesome sight to see🥰🚂how I would have loved to be on that train👌🚂

    1. My relatives lived in Biggleswade in the 1960’s and we used to walk to the railway at the end of Fairfield Road to watch the trains towards Sandy Warren. Much has changed since! Great to see the Tamar bridge from my armchair.

  5. Thankyou Railcam for making me really feel home sick,apparently I would drive my late mum crazy with always wanting to when shopping in my home.City of Plymouth.It. may well explain why I fell in love with GWR locomotives.
    I would just like to add, I was in a Pram, it was the early Fifties, after all.

  6. RAILCAM are the best! Fantastic addition to the ever-growing locations, great views of the Royal Albert Bridge. The Scotsman should look very impressive coming across the iconic structure

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