Ribblehead Relaunched

What do you do when your ‘viaduct camera’ can hardly see the viaduct any more? Thats the question we have been asking ourselves here at Railcam for a while now…

Some of you may have noticed that the trees now obscure almost all of the view of the Ribblehead Viaduct from our established camera at the Station Master’s House, installed over 10 years ago with the help of the Friends of the Settle-Carlisle Line.

Well, we have a solution, and it doesn’t involve long poles, drones or a chainsaw!

Welcome to our new cameras at Ribblehead, courtesy of The Station Inn, which provides us with a grandstand view of the majestic Batty Moss Viaduct (Ribblehead Viaduct to most folk), plus an additional more railway focussed camera showing the Low Sleights Road over bridge. Thank you to the team for allowing us to share their wonderful views with you all.

The Station Inn is more than just a pub by the railway, they are proud to offer locally sourced food and drink, including home cooked meals and a fine selection of Yorkshire ales, accommodation that is perfect for a nice night away or to base yourself for a big Yorkshire adventure.

First and foremost The Station Inn is a traditional inn for the thriving local community. It is the warm welcome extended by both staff and regulars that makes The Station Inn feel like home for those visitors whose homes are perhaps hundreds of miles away from the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales.

The pub boasts a large car park which can accommodate up to 50 vehicles. Camper vans are welcome for overnight stays. The Station Inn is also a popular stop for cyclists who like to take advantage of the miles of green lanes that cross the Yorkshire Dales, and is also a favourite of motorcyclists who are in the area to enjoy the stunning local routes. There is plenty of common land at the back of the pub and Ribblehead Station is directly opposite with its train connections to Carlisle in the north and Leeds in the south. There are all manner of easy ways to get to The Station Inn but, regardless of how you arrive, we are committed to ensuring you leave happy and keen to return!

Find out more about The Station Inn by visiting their website at https://www.thestationinnribblehead.com and follow them on Facebook.

The cameras….

Camera 1 – Viaduct Camera.

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Camera 2 – Low Sleights Road Bridge

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As always, we would like to thank those who have worked behind the scenes, our installation team and everyone at The Station Inn. We hope you enjoy the cameras as much as we have enjoyed bringing this project together.